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Unfair Dismissal Sickness Capability

The ET1 Builder provides an easy to use interface for your Unfair Dismissal claim in the Employment Tribunal. It helps you show substantive and procedural unfairness by professionally setting out your claim so that the Employment Tribunal understands the facts and the legal principles you want to apply to your case. It helps you navigate the burden of proof for a sickness dismissal. This is your duty to provide enough evidence to support your allegations or arguments in the Employment Tribunal. You must prove to the Employment Tribunal that you were unfairly dismissed for sickness reasons. Your employer must prove that they were fair in dismissing you for sickness. If they are unable to do so, you will win your case. Use the ET1 Builder to help you set out your claim for unfair dismissal correctly.

See: Unfair Dismissal Claim (ET Case Writer)


    Your case is started when you present your case on the approved form which is known as the ET1 Claim Form. You must complete this form correctly or your claim will be rejected. The most important part of your claim are your “Grounds of Complaint”. This where you apply legal principles to the facts of your case. If you get this wrong, you lose your case. The ET1 Builder helps complete the claim form correctly and set out your claim so that the Employment Tribunal understands what you want to say and the legal principles that apply to your case. With guidance and resources, it helps you go step by step through legal principles in easy to understand language, and provides you with strategies and knowledge about your Employer’s defence with tools to pre-empt and prepare. You can save and return to it later. When you have finished, you can download it to your desktop ready to send to the Employment Tribunal. Members can access the ET1 Builder as part of their Membership. Free users must pay to access the ET1 Builder.

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