Cause of action

A cause of action is the legal principle that you are asking the Employment Tribunal (ET) to enforce in your favour. It is a label for the facts that you put before ET such as unfair dismissal, breach of contract, whistleblowing, discrimination etc.  These are all causes of action and you will find them listed on form ET1. You can have more than one cause of action in your claim for example if you were unfairly dismissed because you are disabled. Then your causes of action would be unfair dismissal and disability discrimination.  Each cause of action has a specific legal formula attached to it. To win your case, you must apply the legal formula in each cause of action to the facts of your case, and back it up with solid evidence. See: Employment Tribunal Guidance The Employment Tribunal Process How to prepare your evidence for the Employment Tribunal Layout of the Employment Tribunal Hearing Room Layout of the Employment Appeal Tribunal Hearing Room Finding the money to pay for your claim How to complete the Employment Tribunal claim form Time Limits in the Employment Tribunal How to apply for a default judgment in the Employment Tribunal Application for a default Judgment in the Employment Tribunal] How to write an effective Witness Statement for the Employment Tribunal How to prepare your documents for the Employment Tribunal Getting information from the other side (Disclosure)]