Re-examination is done at internal hearings and in the Employment Tribunal. It is where the person who has called the witness is allowed to ask any further relevant questions arising out of the questions asked and answers given by the witness during cross-examination. A witness will first provide evidence in chief. This is the witness statement in support of the person who called them to give evidence on their behalf. In the Employment Tribunal, you would give your evidence in chief first, since it’s your case. Cross-examination comes after evidence in chief and is the process of questioning your employer's witnesses with the aim of establishing your own case and attacking your employer's case. The Employment Judge and tribunal lay members can also question witnesses at any stage. [see Employment Tribunal Guidance, The Employment Tribunal Process, How to prepare your evidence for the Employment Tribunal, Layout of the Employment Tribunal Hearing Room, Layout of the Employment Appeal Tribunal Hearing Room, Finding the money to pay for your claim, How to complete the Employment Tribunal claim form, Time Limits in the Employment Tribunal]