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Refund of Employment Tribunal Fees

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Fees in the Employment Tribunal (ET)

Previously,  everyone who wanted to bring a case (claim) to the ET wouĺd have to pay an “issue fee” when they submit their claim. The issue fee would be followed by payment of a “hearing fee” before the full tribunal hearing.

On 26th July 2017 the Supreme Court ruled in R(Unison) v Lord Chancellor, that fees for those bringing employment tribunal claims are unlawful, and the government will now have to repay up to £32m to claimants.

How to Get a Refund of Fees

Click here to apply for a refund – REFUND MY FEES 

Go direct to the form – Application for refund of Employment Tribunal Fees

The Unlawful Fee Regime

Refunds are available for anyone who paid a fee during the unlawful fee regime.

The amount of the fee depends on the type of claim. Simple claims are called “Type A” claims. More complicated claims go to the “Type B” category. You may be able to get help with ET fees if you are unemployed or on a low income. This is called fee remission. Fees can be paid by debit/credit card if you apply online or by cheque/postal order if you post a hard copy of your claim.

Where more than one person is bringing the same claim, the fee structure takes into account the number of people who are bringing the claim.

Single Claimant Claims

See – Employment Tribunal Fees for individuals 

Fee Groups

See – Employment Tribunal fees for groups and multiples

Employment Tribunal Application Fees

The following applications to the tribunal have to be paid for;

* Paid by the person making the application (you)

** Paid by the respondent (your employer)

Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT)

Everyone who appeals from the employment tribunal must pay an issue fee once they have submitted their appeal to the EAT. The issue fee is followed by the payment of a hearing fee before the EAT hearing.

See – Appeal to the Employment Appeal Tribunal

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