Frustration of contract

Frustration of contract is when something unexpected happens so that you or your employer cannot perform your part of the employment contract. The frustrating event has to be fundamental and strike at the root of the employment contract,  making it so completely unworkable that it has to be terminated.  The requirements of notice are waived and your employer does not have to pay any compensation for termination.  Frustration is relatively rare and is difficult to prove. See: Wrongful dismissal Breach of contract How to fight a Probation dismissal Employment Tribunal claim template for Breach of Contract Unfair Dismissal Unfair Dismissal Claim Template with Guidance [Misconduct] Unfair Dismissal Claim Template [Misconduct] Unfair Dismissal Claim Checklist [Misconduct] Automatically Unfair reasons for Dismissal ACAS Code of Practice 1 on Discipline and Grievance Procedures