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Template Letter Before Claim

If you have been dismissed before you could raise a grievance, you should use this template and submit a “letter before claim”, unless your employer allows you to submit a grievance even though you have left. Remember that before you can go to the employment tribunal you must have an early conciliation certificate from ACAS.

SeeLetter before claim – Inaccurate, misleading and unfair job reference, and Subject Access Request Template

See: Unfair Dismissal (Fighting Dismissal)


    If you have a dispute with your employer you can raise a grievance where you are still employed, or you can have a “without prejudice ” communication to try and negotiate a settlement. These types of communication do not go before the tribunal.

    This template Letter before Claim helps you set out the legal and factual basis of your claim. It tells your employer to settle the matter or else you will proceed to the employment tribunal or court. It is suitable to use where you were fired or left the job before you could raise a formal grievance.

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