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Dyson U-turns on Get Back to Work Order

Posted On: [03/09/2021]

According to The Guardian, Dyson has reversed an order that its office-based staff should return to the workplace after protests that the order contravened government guidance that people should “work from home, if you can”.

An email informed staff that they were expected to start working in the office in rotating shift patterns. According to a source from within Dyson, if this plan had been successful, there would have been 2,500 people working in the office despite the fact that 60 percent of these workers could continue to work from home with low impact. After workers argued that Dyson’s move was a contravention of the government’s guidance, a second email advised that Dyson had “reviewed the practicalities” and any workers who were able to productively work from home should continue to do so.

This comes as government sources have revealed that legislation introducing an employee’s right to work from home may be brought in as part of the government’s return to work package. BEIS is apparently considering potential legislation which would protect employees who feel it is unsafe for them to return to work, and could also benefit employers who are struggling to make their workplaces safe in accordance with social distancing requirements.