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Employment Tribunals COVID 19 Update

Posted On: [03/09/2021]

The Presidents of the Employment Tribunals (E&W, and Scotland) have published FAQs arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic with details of how tribunals will operate during the coronavirus crisis.

The updated guidance is summarised below, but bears reading if you have a claim currently in the tribunal:

June 2020 –  A few simple hearings will start, using the Ministry of Justice Cloud Video Platform but there will not be many hearings.

July/August 2020 –  Cases such as unfair dismissal, simple money claims and preliminary hearings will begin to be heard in person at tribunals which are COVID ready.

September/October 2020 –  Cases will start being decided using the Cloud Video Platform, with a small number of in-person hearings or hybrid hearings.

November/December 2020 – Consolidation and review of COVID measures.