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Flexible Furlough

Posted On: [03/09/2021]

Flexible Furlough comes in tomorrow 1st July 2020. This means that you can work part-time whilst furloughed and your employer must pay you for full-time hours not worked. This will be for any amount of time and any shift pattern.

Your employer will still be able to claim under the Scheme for your normal hours not worked but will have to pay you in full at 100% for any hours worked. From 1 August 2020, your employer must start contributing to the cost of the new Scheme by paying pension and National Insurance contributions.

Flexible furlough agreements can last any amount of time and you can be flexibly furloughed more than once. This means that your employer can continue to rotate you between furloughed and working status.

Only employees who have been furloughed previously (and for whom employers have successfully claimed a grant) will be eligible to be furloughed after 1 July. This will cover anyone who has been on furlough for at least three consecutive weeks between 1 March and 30 June 2020.

Where you have been previously furloughed, you can start a new period of furlough leave between 11 and 30 June 2020. As any such new period of furlough leave will commence under the current Scheme, the three- week minimum furlough period will continue to apply, regardless of whether this period ends before or after 1 July. The Government Guidance gives an example of a previously furloughed employee who started a new period of furlough leave on 22 June. In order to satisfy the current three -week requirement, they would have to remain furloughed until at least 12 July. After this point, they can be flexibly furloughed under the new Scheme.

If you were on statutory family leave (such as maternity or paternity leave) on 10 June 2020, you can be furloughed for the first time after the usual cut-off date, as long as your employer has  used the Scheme for other staff on or before 10 June 2020.

From 1 July 2020, the current three- week minimum furlough period will be removed. There will be no minimum furlough period, although for the purposes of claiming through the portal, employers will be limited to making one claim per week.

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