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Disciplinary Investigation at Work

A disciplinary investigation is a fact-finding mission. No more and no less. The purpose is to find out on the balance of probabilities whether there is a case to answer. It should not be made into an exercise to find out whether you are guilty or not, or worse, to stack up evidence against you. Make sure that you exercise your right to be accompanied at all meetings and use the resources in this book to give you the confidence to defend yourself against the allegations effectively.

See: Disciplinary Proceedings (Fighting Dismissal)


    Receiving an ‘invitation’ to a disciplinary investigation is unpleasant. Particularly since it is a precursor to a disciplinary hearing if the investigation finds you potentially guilty of an offence. Instead of discussing your innocence and the unfairness of the situation with your colleagues, family and friends use this Guide to prepare and defend yourself. The guide provides you with practical direction and guidance on your rights and the law so that you don’t make mistakes and shoot yourself in the foot.  It contains essential information, templates and guidance including:

    • Principles of a Fair Investigation Process 
    • Record Keeping
    • Whistleblowing Investigations
    • Addressing the allegations against you
    • How to analyse the allegations
    • Who leads the investigation?
    • The investigation/fact finding meeting
    • Duration of investigation
    • Confidentiality during the investigation
    • The evidence against you
    • Getting access to your information
    • Using corroborative evidence
    • Witness statements 
    • Anonymous witnesses 
    • Audio-recording
    • Surveillance evidence
    • Criminal offences, police investigations and your right to silence
    • Breach of mutual trust and confidence
    • What to do if the investigation report says you have a case to answer 
    • Templates and Sample Letters
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