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How to fight changes to your Employment Contract

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Unilateral changes to the terms of your Employment Contract

During your employment there may come a time when your employer wants to change your terms and conditions of employment. This may be in order to;

  • Promote you
  • Update any changes to the law
  • Re-organise the business
  • Review terms and conditions and update them

You may also want to change the terms and conditions of your employment, for example to request flexible working, or if your health status has changed and you need reasonable adjustments or want to drop your hours. You and your employer are both parties to the employment contract. The terms of the contract can be changed if you both agree, and there is some form of payment for the change. Where a change is agreed, your employer must give you a revised statement of your employment particulars within a month after any change under 

Last Updated: [10/12/2021]