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Criminal Injuries Compensation

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The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (CICS) is a government-funded scheme administered by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). CICA makes financial awards to compensate people injured in England, Wales and Scotland as a result of violent crime. The injury can be physical, mental or both.

There are three possible types of CICA award:

  • a tariff award, based on the type of injury you have suffered
  • compensation for past and future loss of earnings
  • special expenses compensation

If you are assaulted at work, you can apply for a CICA Award and also pursue a personal injury compensation claim. Get in touch with us for more information and support in making your claims.

Making an Application to CICA

Your application will only be considered if it is received on the prescribed CICA form within two years of the incident causing injury. This time limit will be extended only in very limited circumstances.

There is a general rule that any incident for which a claim is being made should be reported to the police straight away. If you don’t do you’re your application may be rejected.

On-line application for compensation for a criminal injury

The 5 Rules of Claiming CICA Compensation

1 Report the matter immediately to the Police, your employer and the Local Authority (if applicable) and keep details of the report. If the police are involved make sure you have the name and number of the police officer, the incident report number and the address of the police station.

2 Your application MUST be lodged in time. There is a 2 year time limit from the date of the criminal assault.

3 Keep your CICA reference safe and quote it any correspondence to CICA.

4 If your CICA application is rejected there are time limits for the Review and Appeal. You MUST do this within 90 days from the decision that you disagree with.

5 Keep copies of all your paperwork.

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