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Falling From a Height

Falling From a Height
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The Law on Falling From a Height

Falls from heights are the single largest cause of death and serious injury in UK workplaces. The Work at Height Regulations 2005 is intended to prevent death or injury caused by a fall from a height. It applies to all employers and those who control work at height, for example facilities managers or building owners who may contract others to work at height.

Employers and those in control of any work at height activity must make sure work is properly planned, supervised and carried out by competent people. This includes using the right type of equipment for working at height.

What to Do

As an employee, you also have a responsibility to look after your own health and safety at work as well as the health and safety of other people who could be affected by your actions. However if you suffer a fall from a height in work, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. If you are injured at work, you will be entitled to Sick Pay. Your right to sick pay should be in your employment contract or your terms and conditions of employment.

In order to win your personal injury claim and be awarded compensation, you must first start with the Personal Injury Pre-action Protocol. [ see Accident at workHow to win your personal injury claim]

There are a few things that you must prove to be successful;

  • You must first identify that there is a person, company or organisation to make the claim against.
  • You must show that the person, company or organisation owed you a duty of care to avoid your accident and injury, and could have taken steps to avoid the situation.
  • You must show that your injury was caused by the failure of the responsible person or organisation to take reasonable steps to avoid causing your accident or injury.

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