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Health and Safety Risk Assessments

Health and Safety Risk Assessments
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Workplace Hazards

A workplace hazard is anything that has the potential to cause harm to a person and you must conduct a risk assessment to remove that hazard. Hazards can be equipment and machinery, a slippery floor, work overload, and even the behavior of your colleagues or contractors.  If you are injured at work and it is not your fault, you could have a personal injury claim. [see How to win your personal injury claim]

Risk Assessments

Risk assessment is a process in which you identify hazards, analyse or evaluate the risk associated with that hazard and determine appropriate ways to eliminate or control the hazard.  Regulation 3 of Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 requires every employer to make a suitable and sufficient risk assessment of the risks to the health and safety of employees to which they are exposed whilst they are at work, and the risks to the health and safety of the general public whilst on the work premises. If your employer exposes you to risk at work, you address it by raising a formal grievance. [ see How to raise a grievance at work]

Other Requirements

Besides carrying out a risk assessment, your employer is required to;

  • Make arrangements for implementing the health and safety measures identified by the risk assessment;
  • Appoint competent people to help in implementing the arrangements;
  • Set up emergency procedures;
  • Provide clear information and training to employees;
  • Work together with other employers sharing the same workplace.

There are other health and safety regulations which require action in response to particular hazards, or in risky industries.

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