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Hybrid Working

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What is Hybrid Working?

Hybrid working is a type of flexible working where you split your working time between home and the office.

ACAS Advise

ACAS has published advise on Hybrid Working. The advice includes tips for employers on how to consult widely with staff to discuss practical considerations around introducing hybrid working, and how to consider whether it would work for certain roles and whether it is suitable for the organisation.  It also includes tips on creating a hybrid working policy and how to handle staff requests for hybrid working.

The advice makes it clear that staff should be treated equally and fairly, and that care should be taken not to exclude or discriminate.  Meetings should be scheduled, or technology used, to ensure that everyone can take part in conversations and activities.  The advice emphasises the importance of supporting the mental health and wellbeing of employees.  It also discusses performance management and suggests that if there is a need to monitor employees this should be discussed with them (and their representatives).  Any monitoring must respect employees' privacy and if it doesn't ACAS points out that, as well as damaging trust, causing stress and reducing productivity, it could also breach legal and human rights.


Last Updated: [14/09/2021]